Gemstone Hemp Necklaces

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  1. Tiger’s Eye: Good Luck, Courage, Protection
  2. Mahogany Obsidian: Self Worth, Protection, Empowerment
  3. Rhodonite: Healing, Forgiveness, Compassion
  4. Cherry Quartz: Concentration, Positive Thinking, Creativity
  5. Blue Spot Jasper: Stability, Calmness, Courage
  6. Gold Sandstone: Self Confidence, Positivity, Good Luck
  7. Rose Quartz: Self Love, Compassion, Heals Trust
  8. Picture Jasper: Connection to Earth, Stability, Harmony
  9. Red Jasper: Protection, Motivation, Emotional Healing
  10. Green Aventurine: Career Success, Good Luck, Healing
  11. Amethyst: Calm Mind, Healing, Inner Strength
  12. Amazonite: Balance, Calming, Emotional Healing
  13. Blue Turquoise: Protection, Strength, Stabilize Mood Swings
  14. Blue Stripe Agate: Calming, Communication, Emotional Healing
  15. Lapis Lazuli: Inner Truth, Self Confidence, Friendship
  16. Sodalite: Strength, Confidence, Inner Peace
  17. Unakite: Gratitude, Healing, Stress Relief
  18. Brecciated Jasper: Protection, Willpower, Self Confidence
  19. Yellow Aventurine: Creativity, Positivity, Compassion
  20. Dalmatian Jasper: Good Luck, Joy, Loyalty
  21. Clear Quartz: Healing, Clarity, Achieve Goals

All hemp necklaces are made with 100% hemp cord and have a knot-in-loop closure and will arrive in a draw string gift bag. 

Listing is for (1) hemp necklace - each are one of a kind, you will receive the exact one in the photo of your choosing.

Bree Happy Designs can not guarantee the healing properties specified above and do not recommend use in place of medical or professional treatment. 

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