Rainbow Hemp Bracelets

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We have finally restocked our Rainbow Hemp Bracelets – individually handcrafted, each one a unique blend of colors and sustainable materials. 

🌈 Key Features:
🔹️Handcrafted Excellence: Every bracelet is crafted by a single artist at Bree Happy Designs, ensuring a one-of-a-kind piece.
🔹️Premium Materials: We use high-quality hemp cord for durability and a comfortable feel against your skin.
🔹️ All bracelets are adjustable with a slide knot at 7-9" in length. 

✨ Why Choose Our Handmade Hemp Bracelets?
🔸️Sustainable Fashion: Embrace eco-friendly style with our hemp necklaces, as hemp is a renewable resource that leaves a minimal environmental footprint.

🎁 Perfect Gift:
Searching for a distinctive and thoughtful gift? Look no further. Our hand tied one of a kind rainbow hemp bracelets are the perfect gift of wearable art. 

🔆 What to expect:
🔸️All items are one of a kind - you will receive the exact bracelet of your choosing referenced in the photo.
🔸️ Ever piece is handmade by me, a lot of care and love goes into each and every piece!

🔴 Recommended Care:
🔺️ Hemp is a very sturdy material made of strong fibers for long lasting wear. Hemp is resistant to mildew and ultra violent light.
🔺️ As hemp is mildew resistant, it is completely fine to get wet. However, prolonged exposure to the water or harsh chemicals (like in a swimming pool) will cause the hemp strands to fray over time and compromise the strength of the bracelet.
🔺️ Prolonged sun and water exposure may fade dyed hemp more quickly.

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